Take a Look and Listen to What We are Up Against

Cecile Richards

Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood, and daughter of former Texas Governor Anne Richards, wrote a column for the Huffington Post last week.  Here is the link.  We in the Pro-Life movement need to start reading and listening to what the pro-abortion movement is all about.  They are not about compromise.  They are not about understanding.  The pro-choice/abortion folks want the Pro-lifer’s to wither and die.  They want abortion, contraception, and sex education in all facets of our lives.  We must face that reality so that we can see what we are up against.

There is not one strategy that will win this culture fight.  There is not one leader that will this battle of hearts and minds.  We are in a battle for life, and the only way this can be won is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am not saying we shouldn’t pray at abortion clinic’s.  I am not saying we shouldn’t concern ourselves with the political process to get Pro-lifer’s elected.  What I am saying is that we have to take a wider and broader view and realize the opposition will not go away with our words or the logic of   of our arguments.  They are entrenched, and entrenched they will stay.  The only way to move them is through prayer; serious down and dirty praying, like you used to do when you were a kid and wanted to get that new bike for Christmas, or wanted your team to win a game.  We need that kind of praying.  From the heart and soul.  The kind of praying that brings tears to your eyes.

Speaking of bringing tears to my eyes, read the following quote in Ms. Richards article:

And in the final days before the bill was passed, it was the Roman Catholic nuns who most importantly broke with the bishops and the Vatican to announce their support for health care reform. This brave and important move, demonstrating that they cared as much about the health care of families in America as they did about church hierarchy, was a critical demonstration of support. Bart Stupak may not ask the nuns for advice, as he recently announced to the press, but maybe next time he should.

I am sure Ms. Richards is using hyperbole when she hints that all the U.S. nuns supported the health care package, with its favorable langauge for abortion.  But the fact that one Roman Catholic nun supported legislation that would/could be used to kill innocent human life is heartbreaking.  How and why could we get to this point?

A more sobering reality of the thought process of the pro-choice/abortion crowd is when Ms. Richards laments the lack of the debate mentioning the rights of women when she writes:

In fact, I challenge anyone to find the word “woman” even mentioned in the debate — there was a lot of rhetoric about the rights of the unborn, but not even a whisper about the rights of women to determine their future.

The rights of women to determine their future?  That is very interesting thought process that needs to be delved into more detail at another time.  I will add one point now though:  Don’t women determine their future before the act which gets them pregnant?  Isn’t that where women’s group should be spending their time and money, educating women on what rights and responsibilities they have prior to the sexual act?  Once life is created, the women’s right to terminate the pregnancy ceases to exist.

There is a lot more that the leader of the Pro-Abortion movement in this country speaks about in this article. Please read it to better understand what we are up against, so that we may become better prepared for the future.


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