Georgetown Catholic In Name Only

Once again, Georgetown University shows why it is a Catholic University in name only.  Recently, the Student Affairs Panel funded a Pro-Abortion Panel to speak concerning the Male role in the Pro-Abortion/Pro-Choice movement.

The real travesty is that this Jesuit “run” institution is not giving any foreseeable guidance to the student council and that this is just one more notch in the long line of terrible, anti-Catholic events and teaching at some of these so called Catholic Universities.

By no means is this anti-Catholic bias unique to Georgetown.  The article lists 10 other “Catholic” Universities that are presenting the V-Monologues, a lesbian centered sex show.

It is time for this farce to end.  It is time the Catholic Church demand that these universities of “higher learning” give up their affiliation with the Catholic Church and let them join in the marketplace of the other secular universities throughout this land.


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